What We Do

Everywhere in the world, both boys and girls, love playing the world’s most popular sport which is also known as “the beautiful game”. We are talking about football, or soccer as it is commonly referred to in the US. It is truly a sport for everyone as all you need is a soccer ball and a field. It has the amazing ability, in its universal appeal, to bring people together no matter their culture, religion, or socio-economic status.

In Liberia as in the world, soccer is the #1 sport and a favourite pastime for children of all ages. It has the ability to bring people together and to raise the spirit. Poverty is very high in Liberia and a large percentage of the population lives on just a few dollars a day. Most children in Liberia are lucky to get a meal a day and oftentimes have to work in the rock mines to support their families and to earn money to go to school. Despite all of that, if you bring a soccer ball anywhere, the kids usually come to play the beautiful game. The ONE GOAL foundation uses soccer as a medium to get children involved in their communities and to entice them to go to school and pursue an education.

We know that soccer has the ability to build valuable life skills such as hard work, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, as well as teamwork and cooperation. We know that it helps children to experience the joy of childhood and just be kids, have fun. We know that it promotes diversity, equality, and acceptance because participating in team sports can help break down stereotypes and other discriminatory policies. We know that a soccer field can be a safe space for many children and it can help them build self-esteem and confidence, as well as encourage them to become more involved in their communities. We also know that it is a great activity to help kids stay active and it provides many health benefits when it comes to muscular development, cardiovascular health, and physical coordination/balance.

This is why ONE GOAL’s mission is to create opportunities and positive change for children in Liberia through soccer. Using the beautiful game as the unifying factor, we work hard to provide children with housing, education, and the opportunity to develop into responsible young adults whilst cultivating their sense of community support. We also work hard to help families and entire communities with efforts that extend beyond soccer. We want to create opportunities and positive change and that is our ONE GOAL.